Victor Ptak

Victor Ptak - Answer our questions

Victor plays the character of “Isaac” in episode 2 of the new season.

Victor's credits include the films “Kid Gloves”, “Dawid and Dominik” and “By Any Name”.

How did you get the part in the show?
I worked with Paul Dudbridge (Director of Photography on episode 2) on a feature film which did really well and I must have done something right and impressed him enough to give me another job.

What were the highlights from the shooting of the show? Things you haven’t done before etc?
There are always lots of highlights during filming, sometimes they can be funny, such as the door of the building we were shooting in almost falling off it's hinges because we were staging a fight scene in the doorway! I found my DIY skills quite useful on that occasion and managed to fix it. It is always the little things that can trip you up, its impossible to plan for everything so you need to be resourceful. I've only filmed two fight scenes in my career, both with Paul and both were completely different and I learned a lot in preparing for those, keeping the energy contained and safe.

What was the hardest part of working on the show? Lots of lines, working with VFX, action stuff?
I see any problems as a challenge; it's just part of the job so they don't faze me at all. Sometimes you get line changes or the script is in development so its really important to understand exactly what is happening in the scene so that you are not thinking about the physicality or camera angles. I like to be aware of what the director is trying to get out of the scene and enjoy it when this magical thing happens and suddenly it all just starts to work. It's very difficult to explain, but it’s a collaboration between sound, lighting, camera, set design, your fellow actors of course, and lots of cups of coffee

Regarding the craft of acting, what did you learn about or what might you do differently?
Acting is reacting, which means honing your listening skills. Once the word "action" is said you need to be in the moment, in that reality and fully committed. I prepare differently for every scene depending on what that scene needs and it can be a lonely process sometimes. Often on set you have few opportunities to find some space so you need to improvise and use everything that's happening around you to inform the character and bring this into the work. Most actors are never happy with their work, they feel that there's always something they could have done better, so you need to listen to and trust your director, and if they say it's good then trust them, otherwise you will go nuts.

Finally, what would you do if the events of the show really happened?!
If the events of Horizon actually happened I would head for the hills, I'm not a hero in reality, I think self preservation is a big motivator. I hope that doesn't sound selfish but if you were with me I would keep you alive for sure.

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