Tim Henley

Tim Henley - Answer our questions

Tim Henley is known for “The Man Who Walked Too Far”, “Dark Country” and “Down The Dark Road”, “The Harsh Light of Day”, and “Five Greedy Bankers”.

How did you get the part in the show?
I’d worked with the writers, the director, producer & DOP on a number of previous projects, and they very kindly thought of me for one of the characters they were planning to include. Luckily I was free to film, so I signed on immediately...I would work with these guys anytime….a brilliant team.

What were the highlights from the shooting of the show? Things you haven’t done before etc?
I really loved working with the weapons (some of which I hadn’t handled before) and as a fan of all things that go bang...this was always going to be a highlight for me!
We also did a few scenes in a real mortuary, which was a first! Pretty strange place to be filming, around the slabs & fridges… creepy much!

What was the hardest part of working on the show? Lots of lines, working with VFX, action stuff?
It’s always quite a challenge working on visual effects shots, where the effects whizz’s are going to add things in post...I remember trying so hard not to make machine gun noises (like Pike from Dad’s Army!!) when firing my Kalashnikov!! I failed miserably according to the director on that scene! Dufdufdufdufduf… hilarious. Fail!

Regarding the craft of acting, what did you learn about or what might you do differently?
As per the above...keep my mouth shut at the right time!

Finally, what would you do if the events of the show really happened?!
I’d probably be right at the front of the mass of people standing watching with ‘Take Me With You’ signs!! I love the thought of aliens visiting earth…. I guess in reality I’d hope they weren’t planning bad things though.

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