Oliver Park

Oliver Park - Answer our questions

Oliver Park is an actor with film credits including “Dark Vision”, “Watch Over Me”, and “Shank”.

How did you get a part in the show?
I got the part through one of the writers Simon Pearce. Simon, Paul and I have worked together on several films in the past. Originally, there wasn’t a part that I would have suited until the later stages of development when more characters were added to the story and plot. Once these roles were added I was excited for the chance to be involved.

What were the highlights from the shooting of the show?
In Season 1 it was a relatively straight forward role to play but the character is shown to be much more involved in Season 2. More intense scenes meant I was able to have fun with action and character work. Plus, I hadn’t worked with aliens before!

What was the hardest part of working on the show? The hardest part of working on the show was the extreme time constraints. Little time onset meant we had to be on point and were never afforded the benefit of time to settle in. It was hard work but we were all there for the love of it and when working with a great team, you’re all able to pull through together.

Regarding the craft of acting, what did you learn or what would you do differently?
With regards to acting, rehearsals are always beneficial to test ideas, develop creatively and see if there are ways to simplify or expand on certain elements. There is never time on set to work on this so any time spent before is paramount. I would push to work closer with the director before production in order to have complete confidence that once we’re on set we know exactly what to do.

Finally, what would you do if the events of the show really happened?
If an alien ship was hovering on the horizon I would be terrified - but I wouldn’t assume for a moment that it was here for us (humans). I think there are much more interesting things that the aliens would more likely be after. Although I am sure there would be mass panic ending in some serious chaos so in that scenario I would find somewhere safe and stay there until it all calmed down.

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