Kate Davies plays the role of Nicole in HORIZON.

Kate Davies – Answer our questions!

Kate Marie Davies is a British actress, born and raised in Bristol, England.

After training in drama and in musical theatre for five years, Kate achieved lead roles in touring theatre, on-line web series, numerous short films and several feature films including Italian feature film 'Beautiful People' and sci-fi movie 'Kaleidoscope Man'.

When she's not acting she's also a personal trainer, fitness instructor and keen video gamer.

Kate plays the character of Nicole in “Horizon”.

How did you get the part in the show?
I starred in a short film called “The Levels” filmed on and around the Somerset levels. “Horizon” director Paul Dudbridge was the DP on that film and that was how we first met. There must have been something he liked in my performance as he then offered me the part of Nicole in “Horizon” off the back of that.

What were the highlights from the shooting of the show? Things you haven’t done before etc?
I really enjoyed shooting “Horizon”, I instantly clicked with both cast and crew straight away and was very excited by the vision and ambition for the show. I was excited to bring the character of Nicole to life as I enjoyed the way she evolved throughout the story. The highlights of working on “Horizon” would definitely have to be the excitement of turning up on set in so many unique locations and scenarios. In particular the day we shot the episode involving the car pile-up and the supermarket looting. It's really exciting to see all of the work coming together and the scale of the scenes, it was also wonderful working with so many supporting artists who made the larger scenes really come alive.

What was the hardest part of working on the show? Lots of lines, working with VFX, action stuff?
The most terrifying part of filming “Horizon” was having to face my fear of heights, during one particular scene we filmed along a narrow gantry seven stories high (I'm usually too scared to even climb a small ladder) I was so terrified that I just kept on saying to myself 'get it right first time so that they don't make me have to come back up here for pick-up shots'. It took me a good forty minutes or so to get myself confident enough to stand up once I'd reached the top. I was so thrilled when they finally yelled 'cut' and I could head back down to the ground. Sadly we did have to climb back up there a few days later for a few more shots. I hope that the viewers enjoy that scene! All of the fear on our faces was very, very real. No acting required. I still enjoyed the experience as there's nothing that really compares to overcoming a phobia. I really enjoyed the balance in the show between action sequences and emotional scenes, it gave me so many challenges which I really enjoy.

Regarding the craft of acting, what did you learn about or what might you do differently?
I found that working with the director Paul Dudbridge enabled me to find a directing style that really gelled well with me; using action verbs to quickly alter the performance and intention in the scenes. It's always nice to work with different directors to help you learn your own skills on set and this method in particular helped me to save time and get directly to the emotions that were required.

What's next for you?
I'm now currently working on several more film projects and continuing my life-long aim to pursue a role on television. When I'm not working I am trying to always keep busy and to improve my skills and enjoy working with different actors and directors. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn something new.

Finally, what would you do if the events of the show really happened?!
I would run home, grab my replica Hanzo sword (Kill Bill collection) and get back out there to save Bristol!

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