Dan Winter

Dan Winter - Answer our questions

Dan Winter plays the role of “Edward Coleridge” in the new season of Horizon.

How did you get the part in the show?
I had been lucky enough to work with Paul and Simon on a couple of projects before and had had such a great time with them, and the cast and crew that they'd put together, so I kept sniffing around to see if there might be anything else they might let me have a go at. I had a call from Paul about the first season with the possibility of a one episode part, which I had been gutted that I couldn't do. When the call came for the short snippet at the end of season one, I jumped at the chance. It was short... very short... and I hoped Season 2 would happen, and sure enough that call came too, and I was chuffed to bits at the thought of a part and production to get my teeth into.

What were the highlights from the shooting of the show? Things you haven’t done before etc?
The speed of the shoot was a great lesson in staying focused. It meant there was a real drive from everyone toward an exciting, common goal. You couldn't help but get caught up in it. I loved working on the backstory of Edward, in his own time, as it filled in gaps that I had in my mind as to who the man was. For me, having an idea of who you love and care for gives a much richer depth to the person you are playing. It's like having something precious to keep safe, or to cherish in the back of your mind and it can be used to justify what you do, how you behave and the decisions you make as a character.

What was the hardest part of working on the show? Lots of lines, working with VFX, action stuff?
It was tough coming in as a newbie when everyone else had been a really tight team for the previous season, but I had great support from all. The first bit of filming I did was in the farmhouse when I had pages of exposition and a hundred and one props to play with. It was summer, the arga was on, and I was wearing a woollen frock coat. I was a sweaty mess!

Regarding the craft of acting, what did you learn about or what might you do differently?
I was incredibly lucky as I had a good range of stuff to go through as an actor, and emotionally speaking. Flexing those muscles is quite a hard thing to do until you are in as seen into the camera. Constantly questioning myself as an actor, as to whether I am doing too much or too little, or even the wrong thing. I would like to be more playful as an actor, doing things slightly differently each time, and in order to give the editing process a bit of variety that is helpful. For obvious reasons a new character always feels more thorough and connected to nearer the end of the shoot than at the beginning, so that is something that I would wish I could have all the way through, a better understanding of the character and the reasons why they do the things they do.

Finally, what would you do if the events of the show really happened?!
Head to the countryside, with plenty of food and fuel and some form of weaponry for defence. Take all my loved ones, or at least ensure they were safe. Either that or stay put and link up with the local authority to see if they had any bight ideas.

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